Aahed I. Zarouk

Designing high-quality UI’s—from idea to concept, including those for desktop, web, and mobile devices at a different set of resolutions (icons, graphics, and marketing materials). Making usable user interfaces that people will love and feel more comfortable using the applications.

You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking.




From research to Information architecture and wire-framing, user testing, and finally the user interface it-self those are the perfect steps to awesome app.


Creating websites, web apps, from scratch using Adobe Photoshop CC And Adobe Illustrator CC for the mock-up then developing getting the site ready to back-end development using HTML5/CSS3/JS.


A Brand is the soul of an experience. I’ll be helping you to get the brand that make people remember you by. Logo design, branding, letterhead, stationery, graphic design services.

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